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Out-lob in Pickleball


Hey Pickleball Warriors!

Whether you're facing a sky-high lob or using it to your advantage, mastering the lob is a game-changer in pickleball. In this edition, we're sharing key strategies to defend against those lofty shots and clever ways to incorporate them into your offensive arsenal.

Ready to stand your ground and send those lobs packing? Let's break down the must-know tactics that will keep you in command from baseline to net.

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🛡️ Defending Against the Lob

1. Defending Against the Lob

  • Positioning: Stand near the baseline, giving yourself enough space to track the trajectory of the ball as it arcs over the net.

  • Footwork: Be ready to move quickly to get under the ball. Use small, quick steps to adjust your position and get into the best spot to make your return.

  • Anticipation: Watch your opponent's body language and racket position to anticipate when they might attempt a lob. This can help you react faster to incoming lobs.

  • Shot Selection: When hitting the ball back, aim for a high shot that clears the net with some margin to spare. This will give you time to recover and prepare for the next shot.


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2. Using the Lob

  • Changing Momentum: Use the lob to change the pace of the game and disrupt your opponent's rhythm, especially if they are pressing close to the net.

  • Creating Space: If your opponent is crowding the net, a well-placed lob can force them to retreat, giving you an opportunity to reposition yourself on the court and regain control of the point.

  • Offensive Strategy: While the lob is often used defensively, it can also be employed as part of an offensive strategy. A well-executed lob can catch your opponent off guard and set up an opportunity for a winning shot.

By mastering the defensive techniques for handling lobs and knowing when to use them strategically, you can become a more versatile and effective player in pickleball.


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🎾 Pickleball Tip of the Week: Trick Shot Tweener

4 steps for executing a tweener in pickleball:

Positioning: To successfully execute a tweener, your initial stance is crucial. You need to shadow the ball, staying on your toes, ready to pounce into action as it approaches. This means reading the play early and positioning yourself so that you're moving into the ball's path, not away from it. Keep your body relaxed but alert, ensuring you're close enough to the ball to make the shot without overextending.

Timing: The essence of the tweener lies in its timing. You must judge the ball's trajectory and speed, preparing to strike just as it dips to the ideal height – usually just below waist level. Too high, and you risk losing control; too low, and you might hit the ground. Watch the ball intently as it crosses the net, and initiate your shot as it starts to descend, capitalizing on the ball's natural downward arc.

Swing: With your feet firmly planted shoulder-width apart for balance, bend your knees to lower your center of gravity – this gives you stability and power. As you swing the paddle between your legs from back to front, focus on a fluid motion, using your core and hips to generate force. Keep the swing compact to maintain control, and avoid excessive wrist action which can lead to inaccuracy.

Follow-through: The follow-through is as important as the swing itself. After making contact with the ball, continue the paddle's motion in the direction you intend the ball to go. This not only adds precision to your shot but also aids in recovering your stance for the next play. A controlled follow-through ensures that you impart the desired speed and spin on the ball, making it difficult for your opponent to predict and return.


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Until our next rally, keep these tips in your court-side bag and your spirits high. Whether you're lobbing or blocking, every shot you master adds another layer to your pickleball prowess. So, step onto that court with the confidence of a champion and the wisdom of a seasoned player.

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